Study Program Description
The Arts Crafts Study Program is an undergraduate (Bachelor) level study program, held based on a letter from DIKTI, Ministry of National Education Number: 253/DIKTI/Kep/1996 concerning Permits to Implement New Study Programs at Indonesian Institute of the Arts Surakarta. The vision, mission and objectives of the Establishment of the S-1 Craft Study Program, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design. The relations to the cultural potential of the Nusantara traditions is used as a source of ideas for studying and creating craft works that benefit to humanity. This aspect is important to be developed in order to respond to the challenges of changing times which are globally increasing so that the resilience of the Nusantara cultural values ​​is maintained as a valuable Indonesian national asset.

Academic degree
S.Sn (Bachelor of Arts)

Graduate Profile
Graduates of the Craft Study Program have the ability to:

  1. Professional art reviewer/researcher in analyzing, evaluating and interpreting the development of Indonesian arts and culture embodied in scientific works according to the rules that apply in the field of arts, and able to understand methodology in scientific works.
  2. Craftsmen/artists/creators who professionally creates or actualize craft works based on mature ideas and concepts (aesthetics, ethics, and logic) in functional and non-functional works originating from the Nusantara cultural values.
  3. Craft product designers who are able to create or realize ideas in the form of detailed designs (structure and design harmony) accompanied by making prototypes of craft products originating from the Nusantara cultural values ​​in a professional manner in accordance with the development of science and technology.
  4. Arts teachers who are able to provide basic guidance and direction (transfer of craft skills) at the primary and secondary education levels.

Learning Outcomes
Learning is designed to achieve abilities including:

  1. Understanding the characteristics of traditional art;
  2. Mastering the management of craft production;
  3. Mastering the management of product and art exhibition management.
  4. Conducting research and present an analysis of similarity.
  5. Making pictures of ornaments and their applications.
  6. Mastering computer-based craft product design.
  7. Drawing sketches and master traditional coloring techniques (sungging).
  8. Mastering the technical design of ceramics, batik, weaving, and basic printing arts.
  9. Mastering the design and techniques of wood, metal, and leather carving.
  10. Designing creative and innovative craft designs and their applications.
  11. Making arts craft products by experimenting with various media.
  12. Exploring materials and create works of art ethically and aesthetically.
  13. Designing and creating works of traditional and contemporary craft art.
  14. Concepting and study of applied art science.
  15. Mastering standard tool engineering in the field of applied art.
  16. Understand the concept of Indonesian culture and its application in fine arts.
  17. Supervise product and craft production.
  18. Capable of entrepreneurship in the field of craft.
  19. Ablity to do team work within the framework of professional ethics.
  20. Mastering presentation and leadership techniques.
  21. Understand and be able to practice spiritual values, nationality, and the spirit of unity.
  22. Ability to socialize, organize and make social programs.