Study Program Description
The Fine Arts study program of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design is established to meet the needs of responding to global challenges by graduates who have knowledge that originates from the cultural values ​​of the Nusantara and are responsive to all socio-cultural changes and developments in science and technology. So that the graduates contribute an active role as a center for scientific studies and create pure artistic creations that produce Indonesian identity based on values Nusantara Cultural values.

Academic degree
S.Sn (Bachelor of Arts)

Graduate Profile
Bachelor of Arts who have an academic mindset and have aspects of attitude, knowledge, general skills, special skills in the field of fine arts and able to contribute an active role as pure art creators and art researchers who place the values ​​of the Nusantara cultural wisdom as a basis or a foundation in studying and creating art professionally both in private and social life. For this reason, the Fine Arts Study Program produces graduates who are ready to play the roles of:

  1. Creators of Fine Art, who are able to create pure works of art based on research and personal cultural expression, sourced from the values ​​of the wisdom of the archipelago’s culture creatively and innovatively by using creative methods embodied in certain media and techniques and communicated in scientific writing .
  2. Fine Arts Reviewers (Researchers), who are able to describe and analyze phenomena, problems, and the development of fine arts in a socio-cultural context in the form of scientific writing through a research process using the scientific method which is embodied and communicated in the form of scientific works.

Learning Outcomes
Learning is designed to achieve the ability of a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts who has an academic mindset and has among others that are:

  1. Able to create various ideas and utilize digital technology in the process of creating pure art in accordance with current developments.
  2. Able to translate aesthetic ideas into two-dimensional and tri-dimensional works of art.
  3. Able to implement pure art technical skills in visual processing with an aesthetic and artistic approach.
  4. Able to utilize information technology, pure art techniques in visual processing with an aesthetic and artistic approach.
  5. Able to apply entrepreneurship in the management and distribution of fine art works.
  6. Able to study works of art through various approaches to art, social, culture, and cultural studies.
  7. Extensive mastery of fine arts knowledge to be implemented into fine works of art.
  8. Able to embody ideas originating from the wisdom values ​​of Indonesian culture into scientific writings and pure works of art creatively and innovatively.
  9. Able to understand the theoretical and practical paradigms of contemporary art.
  10. Mastering event and exhibition design focusing on entrepreneurship (curation and managerial).
  11. Mastering basic knowledge of the humanities (art history, aesthetics, and philosophy of art) and pure art knowledge so as to be able to apply and analyze works of art.
  12. Mastering the science of materials and tools in creating fine art.
  13. Mastering the concept of fine art as the basis for creating art.
  14. Able to produce pure works of art creatively accompanied by the ability to describe and compile scientific reports.
  15. Able to design and present works of fine art in independent exhibitions.
  16. Mastering the methodology of art creation and study so as to be able to create and analyze works of fine art.
  17. Able to study pure works of art, through various approaches to art, social, cultural, and cultural studies.
  18. Able to present the results of art studies with various research approaches in the form of scientific publications.
  19. Able to apply the results of scientific work (creation and study) in artistic activities.