Study Program Description
The ISI Surakarta Doctoral Program in Art conducts studies in two tracks that are Arts Creation and Arts Studies. The pathway is open to interests in music, dance, theatre, film, fine arts, interior design, visual communication design, and animation. The difference between the Creation and Study pathways is in the works produced by the graduates. The Art Creation pathway is required to produce a works of art accompanied by a dissertation as a result of intensive research in the arts. The source of creation or the object of study is all kinds of phenomena throughout Indonesia.

Academic degree
Dr (Doctor of Arts)

Graduate Profile
Doctor of Arts who is able to develop roles as:

  1. Academics in the field of art creation and study who are able to develop new works of art and new knowledge in their scientific fields.
  2. Art researchers who are able to solve art and cultural issues through inter, multi or transdisciplinary approaches and gain international recognition.
  3. Art creators who have decades in the development of creative activities through research, to produce creative, original, tested and internationally recognized works.
  4. Professional practitioners in the arts who are adaptive to the latest cultural phenomena in managing, leading, and developing organizations and networks that are beneficial to science and benefit.