Study Program Description
The Theater study program provides education at the Bachelor level (S-1). This study program founded in 2011, developed based on archipelago traditions, both in the form of concepts and practices, which are described in the learning formula. To realize this basic framework, the Theater Arts Study Program is always based on research, both in the process of creating or studying theatrical works of art.

Academic degree
S.Sn (Bachelor of Arts)

Graduate Profile
Theater graduates can act as:

  1. Art and culture reviewers or researchers;
  2. Cast (actor); and
  3. Director

Learning Outcomes
Learning is designed to achieve abilities, including:

  1. Mastery of the principles of scientific writing and their application in writing;
  2. Mastering the art research paradigm and applying research methods directly to society;
  3. Analyzing artistic phenomena using social and cultural theory;
  4. Analyzing artistic phenomena using social and cultural theory;
  5. Applying Hastha Sawanda’s concept in acting;
  6. Applying realist theatrical performances;
  7. Applying non-realist theatrical performances;
  8. Applying a form of traditional theatrical performance;
  9. Carrying out creative exploration to compose, design, and present theatrical works creatively and professionally;
  10. Analyzing and realizing the characters/figures of roles in theatrical performances creatively and professionally;
  11. Making artistic arrangement designs which include staging, make-up, fashion, lighting, and props in theatrical performances; and
  12. Expressing ideas/ideas in the form of theater plays in a professional, ethical, aesthetic manner, and not contradicting the nation’s moral values.