Study Program Description
The Faculty of Art and Design’s S-1 Interior Design Study Program has an important role in responding to the rapidly growing needs of interior design in society. For this reason, the curriculum is structured by taking into account changes in mindset in the progress of development towards a global society without neglecting aspects of developing a global society without neglecting aspects of developing Indonesian culture. Thus graduates will be produced who have knowledge and expertise in the field of interior design as well as broad insight as a professional capital in their work.

Academic degree
S.Ds (Bachelor of Design)

Graduate Profile
Graduates of the Interior Design study program have the ability as a Bachelor of Design who has an academic mindset and is able to play an active professional role as:

  1. Interior Design, who has knowledge and skills in developing the concept of Nusantara aesthetics as a creative interior design idea using information and computing technology-based design tools to meet the needs of the user community.
  2. Performance Interior Design, who has the ability to design interiors for Indonesian cultural performances and the demands of dynamic societal needs.
  3. Designpreneur, who is able to start an independent business in the field of interior design that prioritizes local indigenous, green design and sustainable design.
  4. Assessor, who is able to describe and analyze interior design phenomena based on the principles and ethics of scientific writing to produce design solutions that contribute to the development of the cultural civilization of Nusantara.

Learning Outcomes
Learning is designed to achieve abilities including:

  1. Ablity to apply the aesthetic values ​​of the Nusantara tradition in designing designs.
  2. Ability to design residential interiors, commercial public interiors, conservation building interiors, and performance stage interiors.
  3. Ability to present interior design document drawings manually, or using computer applications (CAD, 3D Max, 3D Animation, Sketchup, Corel Draw, Photoshop).
  4. Mastering technology, materials and tools for interior and furniture elements.
  5. Ability to supervise and control the quality of furniture and interior products.
  6. Ability to design furniture designs, interior accessories, landscaping, artistic arrangements and performance stage props.
  7. Ability to apply interior design project management.
  8. Ability to cooperate.
  9. Mastering presentation techniques.
  10. Capability of entrepreneurship in the field of interior design.
  11. Ability to apply research methodology in studying the interior sector.
  12. Understand professional ethics in the interior sector.
  13. Understanding religious values, morality and nationality.