Study Program Description
The puppetry arts study program is an undergraduate Bachelor level (S-1) education program. This study program acts as a center for artistic creativity and scholarship in the art of puppetry with its character and competitiveness.

Academic degree
S.Sn (Bachelor of Arts)

Graduate Profile
Undergraduate puppetry arts can act as:

  1. The creator, who has the ability to create works of puppetry in a professional manner, examines and formulates ideas into the concept of puppetry works, translates ideas into working techniques and vocal pakeliran, understands various paradigms of performing arts related to the art of puppetry, managing the process of puppeteering artwork, presenting puppetry artworks, understanding the problems of managing the production and promotion of puppeteer artworks, and taking responsibility for their works in a comprehensive manner;
  2. Assessor, who has the ability to master research techniques, analyze, interpret, and evaluate various phenomena of puppetry art which are embodied in the form of scientific works based on scientific systems and principles, understand scientific research methodology, understand various paradigms in philosophy of science, aesthetics, and diversity socio-cultural, understand various documentation and presentation technologies, able to analyze and formulate problems into research proposals, able to conduct research, compile research in various forms of writing and be accountable for the results of writing in a comprehensive manner;
  3. Performing arts managers, who master the ins and outs of the production of various forms of performing arts in a professional manner and master the management of performing arts; and
  4. Critics/observers of puppetry, who are able to make a person think critically and analytically in formulating his thoughts verbally or in scientific writing in a systematic and good manner, are able to read the phenomena of growth and fluctuations in artistic and cultural life in society so that they are able to bridge the world of art and culture with society in an effective manner. broad, and mastering art and culture science as a provision for critical and analytical observation.

Learning Outcomes
Learning is designed to achieve abilities, including:

  1. Presenting traditional, ethnic and experimental puppetry creatively and innovatively;
  2. Composing expressive puppetry play scripts based on the concepts of puppetry and mastering the craftsmanship in a solid manner;
  3. Understand cultural values ​​in the life of society, nation and state;
  4. Ability to present traditional and ethnic artworks of the archipelago;
  5. Ability to apply puppetry language skills for social purposes;
  6. Ability to manage performing arts performances;
  7. Mastering the basic techniques of working on musical instruments;
  8. Ability to take advantage of developments in information technology;
  9. Understanding the diversity of Indonesian culture; and
  10. Understand the development of performing arts and fine arts.