Study Program Description
The S-1 Photography Study Program, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, is a center of excellence for creativity and knowledge in the field of photography which aims to form Indonesian people who are independent, intelligent, competitive, and have character in the field of photography. Moreover, the Photography Study Program also aims to produce a Bachelor of Arts in the field of creation and study of the art of photography. Carry out professional and accountable governance and produce students with an entrepreneurial spirit and professionalism who are able to respond to community needs and are able to respond to scientific and technological developments in the field of photography.

Academic degree
S.Sn (Bachelor of Arts)

Graduate Profile
Graduates of the Photography Study Program are projected as:

  1. Reviewer of the art of photography.
  2. Art and cultural photography creators (photo artists).
  3. Commercial photography creators (professional photographers), and
  4. Creator of journalistic photography (photo journalist).

Learning Outcomes
Learning is designed to achieve abilities including:

  1. Ability to develop culture-based commercial photography works.
  2. Abilty to create underwater photography works.
  3. Ability to create photojournalistic work that conforms to journalistic principles.
  4. Ability to take advantage of science and technology progress to create photographic works aesthetically, creatively, innovatively and artistically based on ethics and scientific principles.
  5. Mastering technology in the field of photography which includes supporting hardware and software.
  6. Mastering the theory of photography which includes technique, composition and perspective.
  7. Ability to communicate ideas and concepts of photography through the media of writing, oral, images along with displays, models and digital tools in the form of preparing work descriptions, scientific reports of Final Project.
  8. Mastering the historical theory and development of photography.
  9. Mastering scientific methods and procedures for studying the development of auxiliary sciences in the field of photography.
  10. Mastering the concept of photography review.
  11. Ability to apply research methods to study photographic works and visual phenomena that develop in society.
  12. Ability to analyze, plan and research the elements of photography so that they can be used for the development of photography science.
  13. Mastering the concept of photographic display.
  14. Mastering the concept of professional ethics and IPR in the field of photography.
  15. Maintain Intellectual Property Rights and journalistic ethics in carrying out their profession.
  16. Mastering the concepts of management and entrepreneurship in the field of photography.
  17. Ability to work in teams, managerial leadership and entrepreneurship in the development of creative industries in the field of photography.
  18. Ability to open jobs in the field of photography.