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In order to downstream the results of research and Community Service (PKM) lecturers, LP2MP3M ISI Surakarta held a national seminar and exhibition entitled “Art Technology and Society #7”. The event, which was opened by the Rector of ISI Surakarta, Dr. I Nyoman Sukerna, S.Kar., M.Hum.ini was held on Wednesday, November 30, 2022 at the ISI Surakarta Grand Theater.

ISI Surakarta is now active in supporting traditional art in the context of Communal Intellectual Property (traditional cultural expression and traditional knowledge) therefore, the big theme of the seminar and exhibition this time is ‘Development of Communal Intellectual Property for the promotion of culture as well as to contribute to the development of creative industries protected by intellectual property”.

The seminar presented three main speakers, namely: Dra. Sri Lastami, S.T., M.IPL. (Director of Cooperation and Empowerment of Intellectual Property djki Kemenkunham), Dr. Ir. Agus Windharto, DEA (ITS Design Center Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November Surabaya) and Prof. Dr. Bambang Sunarto, S.Sen., M.Sn. (Institut Seni Inonesia Surakarta).

In his presentation, Sri Lastami explained about the protection and utilization of KIK for regional economic improvement. According to Lastami, Communal Intellectual Property is the identity of the nation, so it is important to be protected.

“The protection of KIK is very important not only because it has commercial value, but to prevent the actions of parties outside the Indigenous Peoples who produce goods and services by degrading the dignity and dignity of Indigenous Peoples. For example, a traditional motif of a sacred nature is used as an image for a souvenir. Another example is the use of Indigenous peoples’ imagery which is offensive in nature,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Dr. Agus Windharto, DEA, highlighted more on the relationship between cultural arts and digital technology. According to him, the potential of cultural arts in Indonesia is very unique and has great potential to be developed and published using digital technology. Indonesia has 1128 ethnicities, 33 traditional houses, 76 regional languages, more than 3000 ethnic dances and more than thousands of types of cuisine or food.

“As a development of the aesthetics of performing arts and fine arts, digital technology can increase the opportunity for more advanced work and ampu create a strong ambience, especially the performing arts,” explained Agus Windharto.

Almost the same, Bambang Sunarto also explained that the relationship between Art, Technology and Society can be studied more deeply through artistic disciplines, both descriptive and applied artistic.

“Art, technology and society are three entities that are different from each other. As different entities, they undoubtedly interact with each other. Those interactions generate different types and benefits of technology”, he explained.

In addition to the seminar, this activity also held an exhibition of research results and PKM of ISI Surakarta lecturers. As well as presenting two performances of research results and PKM, namely: The performance of “Bothoklo Dance” by H. Dwi Wahyudiarto, S.Kar., M.Hum. and the Stage of Artistic Research Work “Vibrating Expression”, by Jonet Sri Kuncoro, S.Kar., M.Sn. and Bondan Aji Manggala, M.Sn in collaboration with children with disabilities from SLB Negeri Karanganyar. Jonet Sri Kuncoro and Bondan Aji Manggala (2021) designed tools for people with disabilities to respond to sound/music.

Through vibration signals, people with visual disabilities can express the reception of musical signals into brush strokes and form an expressive painting.