Campus ISI Surakarta is located on three sites, covering a total area of 25 hectares : Kentingan Campus, Kepatihan Campus, and Mojosongo Campus. The facilities include two three storey Administration Office Buildings, a three-storey Art and Multimedia Gallery, 14 two-storey and three-storey Lecture Buildings, a Large Theatre (with a seating capacity of 500 ), a Amall Theatre (with a seating capacity 250), an Outdoor Theatre, a large Pendapa, a Central Library, Department Libraries, and a Postgraduate Library.
The teaching learning process is supported by a Language Laboratory, a Computer Laboratory, a Photography Laboratory, a Television Laboratory (for TV Broadcasting), TV Studios (Indoor and Outdoor), a Multimedia Editing Studio, a Woodcraft Studio, a Leather and Metal Craft Studio, a Production House, and several other studios equipped with 14 (fourteen) sets of slendro-pelog gamelans, a large collection of shadow puppets (wayang), and a full collection of natonal dance customes and properties.
The facilities for study resources cover a wide range of reference material in the form of books, journals/magazines, and audio-visual CDs, VCDs, DVDs, and LPs, kept in the Central Library, Postgraduate Library, and Departement Library